About our test

„This test is a very interesting development that takes a step further of measuring the ability of making sense out of confusion in situations where information is inherently misleading or controversial. Science and life in general is full of such situations.”

prof. John Raven

In: Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling, 60(4), 451–492.

How does this work?


Come as you are

Register yourself in the system by providing some background data. If you choose to submit your email address we will send you a login link that you can use for 24 hours to access and improve your results and download your reports. Otherwise we are only collecting information necessary for norming and reporting.


Complete the tests​

You will complete two quick tests on Problem Solving and Vocabulary with their separate instructions and practice items. These tests are highly advanced, professionally developed, psychometrically valid instruments that are used by institutions and corporations to support high-stakes decision making on assessment and talent identification worldwide. This time these tests are provided unsupervised for your information only. Both tests consists of 10 questions and can be completed within 10 minutes. You can pause between the two tests.


Get your report​

After completing both tests you can download your informative, free report in PDF format, containing basic information on your performance. At any time you can upgrade your Basic report to a Premium report containing your precise results compared to different relevant norm groups.


Improve your results​​ (optional)

You can optionally complete the tests up to three times to see if you could improve your results. There is no risk involved: only your best result will count.